Pro Contractor Services

Using the latest screen to the machine 3-D design software and state-of-the-art computerized CNC milling equipment,  we can manufacture to your exacting standards. You can have your sheet goods shipped directly to us, or we can bring it in for you at our  wholesale pricing. All sheets and hardware can be purchased through us at competitive pricing. Turn-around time 1-2 weeks. 

We offer two  types of contractor CNC services

1) Cut by the sheet - Cut, labelled and ready to assemble.

Max board size: 49" X 97" up to 19 mm thickness - (G-code to run sheet and sheet material provided by contractor or can be arranged with our shop at a small fee). Includes all the parts that can fit onto one sheet of material.  (Most cabinets require 3/4 -1 sheet of material). 

Our vacuum CNC table can machine dado's, blind dado's, rabbit joints, rafix connection joinery,  confirmat holes, shelf pin boring holes. It also pre-drills holes for your exact drawer guides and hinge cam plate holes. Each part is labelled, and can also be edge banded on our automatic banding machine with edging up to 1mm thickness. Additional cost for banding ranges from $15.00 - 25.00 per sheet. The average kitchen requires 16 - 22 sheets. Once we start we cutting we can have a kitchen cut and banded ready for assembly in two days! 

Why use our service and not your own table saw ?

  • Time savings

  • Utilize sheet goods by using 85 - 90% of the sheet. Very little waste! 

  • Precision cuts and boring


2) Cut, Edge Banded & Assembled

Same as service as above, plus we assemble your cabinet boxes ready to accept your doors and drawers. Additional $75.00 per cabinet. Pantry and large cabinets will incur an extra charge. 

Please note: programming code is required to run each sheet, however if you want to choose from our existing library of cabinets you will not incur an additional charges. You can make build modifications for a nominal programming fee of $109.99 per hour. Or request a visit from our design consultant at an additional fee.