Bathroom projects


Countertops and cabinets are crucial to your bathroom's design, so be sure they make a positive statement. Unlike with the kitchen, you have more freedom to play with high-end materials, like marble, since you won’t need as much of it with a smaller space.




  • Natural stone counters. Not only are these materials durable, but they also give bathrooms a luxurious look and feel. Granite, marble, limestone and soapstone are popular choices.

  • Separate vanities. In addition to dual sinks, more homeowners want separate vanities, especially in the master bath. It allows each person to have his or her own space and storage.

  • Smart use of space. Clutter is an eyesore in a small space like the bathroom. Homeowners want storage to hide their toiletries, medicine and personal items. Many medicine and vanity cabinets come with flexible shelving, small drawers, dividers and even hidden outlets for your electric shaver or hair dryer. Vertical storage, such as a tower, can be both stylish and functional.